About Amanda Raine

Amanda RaineI started ‘Journeys of Life’ to support people to have space to listen compassionately to themselves and follow their own inner rightness.  In a world where we are bombarded by messages about how we should be I believe our greatest gift for life is to stop and deeply listen to all the wants to be felt, known and lived.

From my own journey I’ve gathered, skills, knowledge and insight which I believe can profoundly assist others on their journeys of life.

I have been qualified as a Focusing teacher since 2012. I’m registered with both The British Focusing Association (BFA) and The Focusing Institute in the USA.

The basis of my work is inspired by ‘Inner relationship Focusing’ which was developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara Mc Gavin.

In addition to my own private practice I have assisted on many courses taught by senior teachers including Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. I have also assisted the psychotherapist Dr Helene Brenner with her work on moving through core issues with Focusing, and also trauma and Focusing for healing professionals. I have assisted Jan Hodgman, an ordained Zen priest with her courses on meditation and Focusing, and ‘The Great Matter’, an exploration though Focusing into death, dying, bereavement and grief.

I am a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer (www.cnvc.org), which is also known as Compassionate Communication. I have received trainings from Dr Marshall Rosenberg, and a number of internationally renowned trainers including Robert Gonzales, Bridget Belgrave, and Gina Lawrie.

I am committed to continued professional development and undertake ongoing training with senior Focusing teachers which have including courses with Dr Eugene Gendlin.   Since 2012 I have been studying Gendlin’s writings including his seminal text ‘The Process Model’, which outlines his philosophy underlying Focusing.  These weekly sessions with Dr R Parker, a colleague and friend of Gendlin’s have brought great insight and understanding to my Focusing work.  In addition to ongoing learning in Focusing and NVC I continue to broaden my growth and learning through additional trainings, I most recently completed PTSD Level One Training with Bodynamic.


What people say

‘I am so grateful for your skill and care Amanda in the way you supported me in my first focusing session. .  I felt really safe to go into my vulnerable places, and feel very moved by the deep shift in me, even from one session. What else might be possible!!’ – P Green

‘Thank-you so much for the session . . I feel much more at peace than I have been and more present with things ……. I feel I can move on in a more positive way than before the session so this is a BIG gift, thank-you’ – (JL)

‘I’ve been wanting to tell you how beautifully held I felt and that I’m sure there’s been an ongoing effect and opening’  – Lou Brouard

‘Amanda, I want to send you many thanks for the session yesterday. You have a blessed gift to offer, and your gift has done me good, things are still moving.’ – Peter

‘Amanda introduced her work clearly and inspired confidence from the outset. Her guidance is gentle and unobtrusive. Her presence supported my journey without trace of her own agenda. An incredibly empowering experience. In my very first session with Amanda, I made amazing discoveries about myself. I already had what I considered to be awareness of my body through mind and heart, but my work with Amanda took that connection to a completely new dimension. Since then I have had a much deeper sense of myself as an integrated whole being, of the life living in my body. I have much deeper compassion for what is being expressed through my body, and gratitude for an increased capacity to fully experience life. Today for example I experienced richly sensations of peace throughout myself, and knew how to allow and appreciate them.’ – Sue Johnston

‘I have experienced counseling and psychotherapy and I think I was expecting something similar, however apart from our introduction, the attention was on my physical sensation in the present and exploring the thoughts and imagery that came to my mind in connection with the feelings. This healing process unfolded for me in a way that enabled me to embody the change within myself and understand it both simply and deeply. I feel grounded and energised by this profound experience.’  – Ruth P

‘Amanda is a highly trustworthy, gentle practitioner.  She has got the balance just right between allowing the sessions to be directed by me and guiding them herself . . .My sessions with Amanda have been really interesting and very different from other things I have done in the past.  I have gained a lot from paying attention to what is going on in my body and have been surprised by how clear some of the messages I have received have been.  It is very valuable work’ –  Maddie Stanley