Coming through eating disorders with Focusing

  • Are you fed up with your relationship with food affecting your life?
  • Do you eat more than your body enjoys?
  • Are you exhausted by constant efforts to control food, or being caught up in cycles of binging, starving, purging and dieting?
  • Would you like to have a healthy, relaxed relationship with food?
  • Would you like to feel comfort and ease in your body when eating alone & with others?
  • Would you like to be in tune with your body – eating nourishing food you enjoy, when you need?

Whether your relationship with food is uncomfortable or sheer hell, I believe Focusing could support you take specific steps toward a healthy relationship with food.

We don’t over-eat, break diets or over-control our food, or any other food behaviour – because we are bad, weak willed or over-controlling. Our behaviours around food are attempts, albeit often not very effective,  to help us protect precious life qualities.  Focusing can help you stop beating yourself up, and start listening to what is really going on underneath.  This enables a healthier relationship with food that fits your body.

30 years of Eating Disorders and how Focusing helped my breakthrough

For nearly 30 years I suffered from a torturous relationship with food, compulsive overeating, bulimia, yoyo dieting, obsessive food planning, starving, and purging.  Struggles with food hijacked my life, and eventually led to a period of day hospital treatment.

Since working with Focusing my eating is what I’d consider normal.  I eat regular, nourishing meals, I enjoy some treats and I can even have an open box of chocolates in the cupboard, something I never dreamed would be possible! I spent years in different support groups, received psychiatric treatment, saw nutritionists and although all of these were valuable it was through Focusing that I had my biggest breakthrough.

See more about my story below – ‘How Focusing helped my breakthrough’
Helping people with eating issues is very close to my heart, and I have a wealth of personal and professional experience.  If you would like a relationship where food can be an enjoyable nourishing part of your life I would like to share how Focusing could help you.

Focusing & Eating – ‘One to One’ sessions

Focusing is not a quick fix.  However, over time it can lead to lasting & sustained change that comes naturally from yourself. Undertaking a journey with Focusing can lead not only to changes in your relationship with food, but also to your whole life.

‘One-to-One’ Sessions: Everyone one is unique and your relationship with food will be particular to you, I’d like to support you on your journey to where you want to be. Please feel free to contact me to book a session by phone, Skype or in person (Bristol, UK). See ‘Sessions’ for more details.

How Focusing helped my breakthrough!

For the first time, the Focusing process provided a safe, welcoming space for me to listen to my body.  I did not need to stuff things down with food or suppress parts of myself anymore.  With the support of Focusing, I was able to listen to the places in me that wanted to binge, or starve.  I discovered they were long lost parts of me that for years I had judged, that when I deeply listened had something precious to tell.

Through Focusing my eating patterns began to change.  The process was gradual and gentle.  I found I could listen to places that showed up with harsh, critical voices.  I discovered they were worried I’d get fat, and scared what would happen if I lost control.  Sometimes they were anxious places that didn’t want to let go of using food as a way to cope with feelings.

Focusing supported me to make space and listen to all the places within me without forcing or pushing away parts.  This enabled change to come naturally in a way that was ‘doable’ for me.  Instead of having to impose regimes on my body, my body was naturally more in tune with what I needed. Focusing also enabled me to lean in to other resources to help with my food when needed, for example by sensing which groups were right for me.  Focusing combined with a balanced diet supported me on the road to a healthy, nourishing relationship with food.  Even when life was at its most challenging and my eating was a bit shaky, Focusing helped me listen to what was going on in me.  Instead of getting lost in harmful food behaviours and painful self attack I was able to be compassionate with myself as I moved to a nourishing relationship with food.