NVC & Focusing

  • Support your Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice from the inside out with Focusing
  • Be surprised by your own body’s wisdom
  • Deepen your empathy with Presence Language
  • Create space for core ‘Needs’ to emerge
  • Be fully present with your ‘critical’ voices and ‘not wanting’
  • Benefit from the huge insights and deepening connection with NVC, that NVC trainers and practitioners worldwide are learning through Focusing.

Marshall Rosenberg encouraged people in the NVC community to learn Focusing as a way of deepening self-empathy.

Rosenberg’s 4 steps of ‘Observation, Feeling, Need and Request’ offer many a handrail toward more authentic communication.  Focusing provides a clear ‘how to’ process to develop deep inner listening, so we can be with what is here from a larger compassionate space of Presence.

The Presence Language of ‘Inner Relationship’ Focusing can support us to ‘be with’ something rather than ‘be it’.  Focusing offers a framework of a radical acceptance and compassionate embrace that deepens our capacity to be with ourselves and others.  The result: calm, balance, wise choices, clear action, and compassionate presence opening us to new possibilities and relationships with others.

Like NVC, Focusing invites us to drop down beneath conceptual ideas and the partitions we have created that divide the world into us and them, right and wrong. From this non-judgmental compassionate space of inner welcome we can sense our body’s deeper wisdom and knowing about a situation.

I am a certified NVC Trainer since 2011 and learning Focusing transformed my NVC practice, bringing greater self-compassion and awareness to stuck places and relationships that I’d struggled with for years.

Many NVC practitioners are seeing the immense benefits of learning Focusing and I’ve seen many overlaps with the work of Robert Gonzales.