Spirituality & Focusing

  • Do you long to live from ‘Beingness’, ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Compassion’ – but struggle to embody these in your daily life?
  • Do you see the value of ‘being with’ – but feel frustrated, confused as to how to do that?
  • Do you feel stuck in your spiritual practice or exhausted by striving?
Focusing for many offers the missing ‘how to’ of the greatest Spiritual Teachings

“Focusing inspired much of the somatically oriented, mindfulness-based work being done today . . . and then goes further” (Focusing in Clinical Practice- A Weiser Cornell)

Focusing can offer an experiential knowing of You as the larger space.

“Under all the packages each of us carries, a different self can be discovered. You are not any of the things you set aside. You are no content at all.”  Dr E Gendlin (The founder of Focusing)

Do you long to know that you are OK just the way you are?

Focusing embodies a deep knowing that nothing needs to change, because it is not YOU.

Focusing’s radical acceptance of everything, provides a larger space where You can be with whatever is here, just as it is, for as long as it needs to be and in so opening to limitless possibilities;

‘infinite patience brings immediate results’ (A Course In Miracles)

Focusing can reveal the power of ‘being with’ without an agenda!

“If we want the bigger system to work with us, we have to leave it some room.” Dr E Gendlin

Focusing can support us to drop beneath the ideas and concepts we have about life, spirituality and who we think we are.

My spiritual journey with Focusing:

My own spiritual journey started after hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic.  I knew I wanted to live differently but I did not know how. My search took me from reading ‘A Course in Miracles’, to exploring Buddhism, then to the hills of the Himalayas where I heard the teachings of the Dalhi Lama. From there I spent many years returning to the scared Mt. Arunachala in Tiruvanamali in Southern India, where I encountered the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  In Tiruvanamali and elsewhere I was very fortunate to meet and spend time with Non-Dual teachers including Gangaji, Mooji, Cesar Teruel, and Unmani.

Each path, each teacher helped me and continues to do so.  What I saw over and over at the core of each teaching was an essential ‘being with’. It sounds simple and yet it is not easy!  I, like many, had life changing experiences in the presence of spiritual teachers but years I could not access this way of ‘being with’ in my own practice, until I started Focusing.  Focusing taught me through a simple clear process how to be directly with my experience, it gave me the ‘How to’.

I saw overlaps with Focusing and the way many spiritual teachers engaged with people.  I wanted to share the ‘how to’ of ‘being with’ that Focusing had brought me and started offering Focusing to people following spiritual paths.  For many it opened the door to the practice of  ‘being with’ their experience.

I’m continually grateful to be able to share Focusing and accompany people on their journeys.

If you sense Focusing would support you please do get in touch.