One-to-One Sessions

I offer ‘one-to-one’ sessions that support individuals to deeply listen to themselves with compassion, respect and authenticity.

The sessions are guided by your specific needs.

One-to-one session

Focusing Sessions

These sessions provide a space for you to explore areas in your life through Focusing, whilst deepening your compassionate inner listening.

Support Sessions

These sessions draw on Focusing, NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and other resonant processes of empathic inner/outer listening, exploration and expression.

Secondary Mentoring for Focusing Practitioner trainees

For those training as Focusing Practitioners or Focusing Teachers I am qualified to support you as a secondary mentor.  I aim to provide a flexible space where you can explore where Focusing is taking you and to find your own unique way to share this valuable work.

Flexible sessions when you need them

There is no need to commit to a specific number of sessions. You can book one or two sessions when you would like extra support to explore areas in your life or I offer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions for more regular support.

Can I do Focusing whilst in therapy?

Yes.  Focusing can help you develop your inner listening whilst respecting any different therapy process you are engaged in.  This inner listening skill can supports you in your everyday life and to drop deeper in your therapy sessions.

How Sessions Work

  • Sessions are one hour long.
  • A one hour session costs £45.
  • Special offer: £120 – 3 x 1 hr sessions when booked within 1 month  (saving £15)

Sessions by Skype, Phone, Face Time, or Google Hangouts etc . .

You can have your session in a place where you feel comfortable, e.g. your own home, or from a private space at work. Choose a time that suits you without having to spend time travelling.

Focusing is a process that is very suited to the phone or on-line, with the majority of Focusing teachers and practitioners worldwide offering sessions this way.

In person sessions

Offered in Bristol, UK.

Contact me if you would like a session